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A.C.E. Your Pitch and Business Using Strategic Storytelling!

*Since the world needs YOU, not a silver-tongued wannabee

Find your wow-factor!

Communicate with Storypower!

Become Valued  and Hired!

Find your core promise!

Communicate with Storypower!

Become Valued  and Hired!

Imagine how you will feel when people PAY for your expertise!

Because you’ve learned how to use storytelling to make an impact. You’ve sharpened your presentations and pitch with authority. Now clients, partners, and investors realise how awesome you are.

And PAY for the value you bring!

Have you ever tried to convince someone to buy into your ideas or services, but the only response you got was a blank face? Are you struggling to make people see the value you bring?

I will help you ACE your business!

The marketplace is full of consultants and experts. Businesses chose the ones they believe are the best. My VIP Programme is designed to make you seen and heard among competitors contains every possible resource that you need.
I will teach you how to leverage the power of your story, and create presentations that sell – pitches, presentations, websites, social profiles, sales conversations, webinars, sales funnels – anything you will need.  
And I will make sure that you A.C.E your message and business, using strategic storytelling.  

Once you know how to use your storypower you can influence more people, outshine your competitors and grow your business and career.

No one is as awesome as you are. With my help, people will see that and they will pay awesomely for your expertise! 


Sharpen your niche and find your wow-factor.

Your brand story map will help you find your unique mission and cornerstones that will make your brand attractive. 

Present your business with crystal-clear precision.

Learn how to find and use your authentic stories to magnetize your target audience towards your brand and personality.

Step up your game and take the lead !

Show up as the leader with a brand message that will engage your followers to join your fight for a better world. 

This Programme will teach you:

  • How to grow your brand using strategic storytelling
  • How to create a Story Map for your brand that will make your brand story visible and compelling
  • How to chose and design content & stories strategically, based on your Brand Story Map
  • How to find your WOW- factor and catch people’s attention with a 7 seconds story
  • How to keep their interest with great storytelling techniques
  • Latest news on how to network digitally with hands on focus on LinkedIn success!

See results within 90 days!

No stress - your membership
lasts for 1 year.

(As always, result is depending on how much time and energy you invest. The program gives you tools and support, but it is your job to make it happen!)

What's included:

The Pitch Like a PRO Process

My step-by-step process for how to A.C.E. your pitch, presentation, brand and business.  
Online classes that are taught live, but there are RECORDINGS if you can't attend live.

Community & Networking

All members are invited to communicate, network and support one another using our community, here at this site.
Support from peers makes a difference!

WEEKLY Group Sessions

Weekly group sessions every Monday (alternating 12 am/6 pm CET).
Featuring live Q & A guidance sessions, lectures and workshops to support each others. REPLAY AVAILABLE if you can't attend live.

Your Special Project

Together we will get it done!
Choose your special project - presentation, pitch deck, webinar, landing page, brand speech - I will guide you and help you make it come true!

BONUS Classes

As a BONUS you will also get access to courses showing you how to tell your story on the social media platforms Facebook & LinkedIn. 

There is also a VIP seat option - for a FULL experience!

A VIP seat is especially useful if you want feedback and hands-on help when designing your brand stories or speech. It is also a way to get coaching and feedback with integrity.  

VIP Coaching and Support

✔️  1 private coaching session per month
✔️  WhatsApp/ Messenger VIP support
✔️  BONUS: Setting goals and planning to reach them, 90 days planning.        (Verktyg för att planera och följa upp sina mål)
✔️  BONUS: Interview techniques
✔️  BONUS: Webpage blueprint

Use it for:

✔️  Getting feedback on projects  such as websites/ speeches/ presentations
✔️  Hands on practising and developing presentation skills
✔️  Practising interview techniques
✔️  Getting guidance and feedback on the course exercises
✔️  Mentoring and counseling
✔️  Soundboard on almost any topic

Beta members are offered up to 70 % OFF from the normal price for 100 % of the experience.
Save you seat and JOIN TODAY! 

Join NOW as a Beta member NOW!

Beta members are offered up to 70 % OFF from the normal price for 100 % of the experience.
Save you seat and JOIN TODAY! 

Join NOW as a Beta member NOW!

Beta members are offered up to 70 % OFF from the normal price for 100 % of the experience.
Save you seat and JOIN TODAY! 

Åsa Rydhard Rydhard

Your course leader; an experienced Story Designer known for her passion and compassion!

"It was my fascination with storytelling and sincere, human communication that inspired me to complete a Master’s degree in Applied Cultural Analysis, MACA, at Lund University in Sweden. This sparked my decision to integrate everything I learned in my degree program – as well as my previous experiences and knowledge base – and become a specialist in the “How to” business of using stories for effective, strategic business communication.

My hands-on, practical experience in Target Group Based Development underpins the core of my work in developing methods for strategic story analysis and design – for branding, communication, and high-performance business training!"

Megan Reif Dyfvermark

Talent Engagement Manager - A Society

Åsa helped me and other participants think creatively to find a unique angle on both personal goals and professional projects. [...] Within two weeks of working with her, I landed a job and a story on the cover of a local paper that has since helped me connect with individuals and organizations that share the same goals. [...] It is amazing how quickly she can come up with a new angle that you have not thought about. She also has a lot of creative ideas for how to build a brand and project with concrete steps.
I highly recommend her to any individual or organization working to focus their efforts around an inspiring and comprehensive vision that is clear to diverse audiences.

Hakon Ringstad 

         Passionate Hotelier          @ Hotel+

It's rare that you come across a professional like Åsa. I had the great privilege to work with Åsa as she helped me develop, hone, and weave my story into a cohesive part of my overall brand. I was particularly impressed by Åsa's unique approach to branding and her ability to connect the dots and bridge my journey with my ideal client's needs and wants. It's no doubt that she is an expert in her field and totally gets it. And we connected instantly. As a branding and storytelling coach or leader, she earns my highest and warmest recommendation.

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