Catalyst Coaching

Unleash your leadership potential and leave a lasting mark through strategic storytelling. 

As a leader you stand alone.
But without someone to turn to when things are getting complicated,
things can be too tough and your own potential might be held back.

Imagine Having a Personal Trainer and Mentor by Your Side!

By collaborating with Executive Coach Åsa Rydhard, you will be assigned a personal catalyst, sounding board, and mentor, that will help you become a stronger leader.

This customized private training is tailored to your agenda and specializes in propelling your career forward by increasing your skill set to achieve remarkable business achievements.
The program not only assists you in accomplishing your goals, but also allows you to gain essential new abilities.
You can look forward to a combination of facilitation, support, and expert advice, suited to your specific needs, during this 3 to 6 month one-on-one program.

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Tap Into Your Leadership Potential:

* Understand how stories connect us humans and serve as powerful tools.
* Develop your communication skills and conflict handling skills.    
* Learn how to create momentum by activating your core story into your life and business.    
* Design your strategy for keeping momentum going.    
* Find courage to step up as a leader and practise authentic leadership to make your team thrive!

Acquire vital leadership skills while achieving professional milestones, including: Successful project completions and impactful presentations Elevating your leadership process Resolving professional objectives effectively

"I had the great opportunity to have a session with Åsa, helping me leveraging my strengths and values to sharpen my pitch. Åsa is a good listener, fast and constructive in her work process and feedback . She hits the nail on the head with energy and passion. I can definitely recommend working with Åsa."

Thérèse Rosén Löfstedt, Linjechef Mobilitet,
Lindholmen Science Park AB

Effective Learning Process Optimized:


Identify key projects and set clear, achievable professional goals.

Actionable Plan

Craft a robust action plan to realize those goals.

Learn and Apply

Learn and apply new skills while advancing toward your objectives.

Evaluate Progress

Evaluate progress and get insights while engage in meaningful self-reflection.

Focused Areas of Training:

Drawing from extensive experience as a consultant and leader, we employ a diverse toolbox. Your needs and goals determine the path within three focus areas :


  • Communication for Impact 
  • Pitching your ideas 
  • Presentations techniques 
  • Strategic Planning

Personal development

  • Effective goal setting 
  • Strategic planning 
  • Personal branding 
  • Leadership


  • Your leadership role and identity 
  • The art of listening 
  • Conflict resolution 
  • Organizational Culture

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