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Being an expert isn't enough
in a noisy and competitive world.

The world and the rules for making business have changed. What used to work doesn’t work anymore.   Today, people want authenticity and the truth. A compelling story that they want to be part of!

Failing businesses keep sharing made up, generic information, tech details and statistic. And that’s why you fail to make an impact, fail to grow your business.  

People seek problem solvers. They choose experts who stand out, are approachable, and come recommended.  

 to attract clients you need to turn your competence into compelling offers

Successful entrepreneurs knows that being an expert is not enough to grow your business. You need to stand out as the premier choice on a competitive market.
Thats why they've learned to master the 3 crucial abilities that separate successful entrepreneurs from the rest in a competitive market. They know how to:

Craft Compelling Sales Presentations

Build Relationships with Key Connections

Be Seen as a Leading Authority in Your Niche

Are you ready to grow your brand and business through the power of strategic storytelling?

Award winning international trainer and speaker Åsa Rydhard invites you to join her Biz Elevator filled with interactive, hand-tailored trainings customised to fit expert entrepreneurs’ special needs.

Discover how to create a compelling offer that will elevate your business to new heights in the Biz Elevator!

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Book Åsa as a speaker to inspire your audience to grow, LAUGH & LEARN!

 "Åsa’s training at AstraZeneca was full of energy and food for thought. We never hesitate to book Åsa because we know that she delivers on her promises.
She mixes humour with serious discussions and sometimes thought-provoking messages on how we want to grow as leaders. This is something every organization needs to hear!"